Drawings from the Past

Enjoy a variety of artworks: Erotic, Early Fetish, Bdsm, Spanking, Bondage, Enema and FemDom
Click in the images for a small preview, click on'View Album' to open albums. Every album has multiple artworks, in large formats. Choose one of the themes to select artworks by theme, use control F5 to refresh your browser when you want back to the total overview. Searching for antique art and books to buy? Be sure to visit Vintage Fetish Art & Books

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About Vintage Erotic Art

Vintage Erotica is an online museum of vintage erotic, spanking, bdsm and FemDom art. Dedicated to the way illustrators in the past showed their views on erotica. It has grown out to one of the most unique online musea on Vintage Erotic Art, and offers one of the largest collections adult erotic art on the web.
The art collections at this site have been carefully collected, sorted out and connected to belonging artists. This site is online since 2007 (and is updated in regular base) so you can imagine what a unique vintage art collection there is to be found. (over 12.000 artworks).
I wish you many pleasent hours browsing my art, be sure to visit my facebook page for more art and to stay updated for any changes and new art.

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