Louis Malteste

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  • ~ 1862 - 1928 ~

    Louis Malteste was born in Chartes (Eure-et-Loir) and died in Paris. He was an author, lithographeur and illustrator. He was de brother from Henri Théodore Malteste according to Malatesta (1870-1920).

    He went to Paris where he exhibit in 1897 at Salon des Sent, in 1902 at Salon de la Socieéte Nationale des Beaux Arts. He also worked for humoristic press: L'Assiette au beurre, Le Chat noir, Je sais tout, Lectures pour tous, Qui lit rit, etc

    He made affiches and postcoards.
    Malteste used the pseudonym Jacques d'Icy for either writing sadomasochistic texts.
    He was an illustrator for various erotic artworks.

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Lise Lise Brassee de Faits Pecheresse Passionee
Published in 1928
7 images
Petit Dactylo
Published in 1933
19 images
Brassee de Faits
Published in 1926
2 illustrations N Carman
11 images
La Pécheresse passionné
Published in 1926
4 images
Monsieur Paulette Qui Aime Bien Paulette Trahie Quinze ans
Monsieur Paulette
Published in 1921
21 images
Qui Aime Bien
Published in 1916
7 images
Paulette Trahie
Published in 1922
9 images
Quinze Ans
Published in 1913
7 images
Baby Douce Fille Chatie Bien Les Main Cheries Miss
Baby douce fille
Published in 1910
10 images
Chatie Bien
Published in 1916
11 images
Les Main Cheries
Published in 1927
13 images
Published in 1912
6 images
Baby Douce Fille      
Dolly Morton
Published in 1899
8 images