This website was started in 2007, I wanted to share my collection rare vintage erotic/fetish art. This collection has grown throughout the years, every week I am searching for new art and twice a month the website gets updated. In order to view all art you are invited to join as member. This grants you unlimited access to all the art, you can view and download it. Those who don't want to become member but prefer to download art are adviced to visit my page with downloads.
As special feature to my visitors I offer a page with Antique Books to purchase and rare prints to buy.
There are over 12000 fetish artworks presented at this site, most of them are rare artworks. A lot of the art shown at this site was probibited during the time the art was published (between 1880 and 1960), artists used pseudonyms to avoid legal actions and maintain their anonymous status.

Are you experiening problems when purchasing your membership or browsing as member please read the FAQ or contact me.


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